What factors should I consider for a handmade guitar? PDF Print E-mail
Questions on Guitar Making
The important factors to consider are as follow:

01.Style - You choose to commission a classicial, folk, flamenco, manouche, jazz, electric or slide guitar. The style of the guitar chosen would depend on the kind of music you play.

02.Neck - The size of the neck would depend on the size of the hand.

03.Sound - Some musicians like more treble or base in the quality of the sound. The guitar can be customized to suit the sound to your taste.

04.Color - The color of the guitar will depend on the type of the wood chosen. You could specify your preference before the wood is chosen.

05.Decoration - You could specify any type of special decoration on the guitar (e.g. rosette, neck design, name) to be tailored to your needs. Some materials to consider would be ‘mother of pearl’, ivory and brass.

06.Hardware - Special hardwares can be added-on, such as pickups and machineheads of your choice.

07.Special Customization - The biggest advantage of hand-made guitars is that you can customize it according to your special needs. For example, if you are left-handed, the neck can be customized to left-handed playing.